SEO & Online Advertising

The best online advertising campaigns create tangible benefits for your business. At BDC we are determined that you can clearly see these benefits and the significant return on investment that your online advertising generates.

Online advertising is about getting your website in front of the people who are interested in your product or service. BDC’s team of advertising experts find the best terms and phrases that people search for in relation to your goods and services. We use a combination of all three types of targeting (yield, contextual and behavioural), to ensure your online advertising delivers profitable new customers to your site.

Exploiting all aspects of search marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO), we deliver highly targeted, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) display advertising, for your website.

PPC campaigns can target anything from individual products to seasonal offers, and being managed in real-time, it can instantly reflect your product offering. Our PPC experts will utilise this flexible advertising medium to maximize your return on investment.

Online advertising is so flexible that even small businesses can afford to look into advertising online.

Where else can you track leads per advertising keyword?
Where else can you track the cost per lead?
Where else can you track the cost per sale?

Only online advertising allows you to select the keywords for your online advertising campaign and track the effectiveness of each and every keyword in terms of sales and revenues. This is the ultimate power of online advertising.

We can make your budget work harder.

Promoting your brand online yields a higher return on investment than in any other medium. We develop and execute cost effective integrated advertising campaigns that target your audience through multiple channels. We monitor and analyse all activity and provide meaningful and useful management reports. Online advertising can promote your brand to either a wide or a specifically targeted audience, depending on your aims.

A number of options are available and we excel in all of them. We are intelligent and capable online communicators, we know what works as well as why and how it works. We apply our knowledge, flexible approach and experience in a diverse range of markets to your business aims and align your online advertising campaign to your overall business strategy. BDC provides a structured campaign management service giving you a single point of contact for all our range of in-house services.