Email Marketing

If you’re thinking of using email marketing for the first time, look no further than BDC. We can design, build and deliver, highly targeted email campaigns.

Offering detailed real-time monitoring, our email marketing system can prove to be very cost effective providing news, updates, offers or general correspondence direct to the inbox of your market audience. Permission-based email marketing is an extraordinarily cost-effective and powerful tool. Get it right and you’ll see ROIs you never dreamed of with traditional direct mail.

But how can you make sure you get it right?

  1. The design of the emails you send – a professional looking HTML email is essential to grab and hold interest, maximise response, and maintain your brand presence. And it needs to be quick and easy to create.
  2. The deliverability of your email marketing campaigns – sender reputation and authentication are critical factors when it comes to making sure the marketing emails you send out, actually reach their targets.
  3. Your campaign tracking and reporting – detailed reporting on how your customers respond to your email marketing campaigns is crucial to increasing the success of campaigns.

The development of direct marketing utilises electronic mail to effectively communicate your message to your audience, encouraging brand loyalty, driving repeat business or attracting new customers. We segment and target specific groups within each mailing to ensure we achieve massive click-through and conversion rates.

Increase response rates
Every email is personalised and tracked with client access to comprehensive dynamic campaign monitoring systems. With BDC you can manage every aspect of an email campaign, from building a list and creating personalised newsletters, to measuring campaign results and sending automated follow up emails. Put simply, we can help you to engage with more customers and generate more sales at a lower cost.

Track users from information delivery to purchase or goal conversion
Whether you wish to communicate new products or services to your existing customer base or maybe you want to produce a monthly e-newsletter, there is no better cost effective and quicker way to do this than through an email marketing system designed by us. Each campaign can be linked into your Google Analytics account giving you the feedback required to adapt to your clients browsing habits and maximise the efficiency that eMarketing can offer.